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pewag offers the right product for a wide range of car tyres and tyre sizes. The joy of innovation has led pewag to develop and produce chains that guarantee maximum safety and comfort in all weather conditions, thus ensuring a safe journey for you. Better grip on snow and ice increases traction and shortens braking distances.

Chains from pewag can not only be used in winter conditions. The traction chains are also used in mud, scree and sand: Even in rough terrain, the military and rescue teams rely on the proven quality of pewag snow chains.

Our chains comply with ÖNORM V 5117 and, depending on the link thickness, are also suitable for small and narrow wheel arches as well as for aluminium rims. Vehicles with a low clearance between wheel and car require fine link snow chains of 7 or 9 mm, which pewag also offers.


In our snow chain configurator you will find the right model for your tyres on cars, trucks, tractors, lawn tractors and many other applications. You can find suitable spare parts in our spare parts section.

Finding the right snow chains

Depending on the size of the tyres and rim, type of tyres (summer tyres or winter tyres) and vehicle type, we have the right snow chains in our portfolio. Normally the wheel diameter and the tyre width as well as the rim size are the determining factors for the selection of your snow chain. Furthermore, in many modern vehicles the distance between the wheel and the car can become very small. For larger tyre dimensions, the manufacturer (Michelin, Continental, Pirelli etc.) can also play a role in the selection of a suitable chain.

Please use the search in the menu bar or the snow chain configurator on this page.

Electric vehicles also need snow chains for winter journeys, you can find suitable snow chains in our search. However, the use of snow chains is not limited to the winter months, but can also be advantageous in summer in particularly muddy conditions or in forestry.

How many snow chains do I need?

Our chains are sold in pairs (2 pcs. per package). These are mounted on the left and right side of the car. Two snow chains (1 pair) are usually sufficient for a sufficiently good grip even with 4x4 vehicles.

How do I mount snow chains?

Depending on the type, the installation of the snow chain may require one or two stops to be mounted correctly on your vehicle. To ensure a firm fit, the chain must be retightened again, depending on the type (manual, automatic or semi-automatic tensioning system). Certain types (such as pewag snox or the servo product family) are tightened automatically and do not require an additional stop after the initial mounting.

On our product pages we offer mounting videos for each of our products as well as mounting instructions to assist you. In addition, it is advisable to practice the mounting of your snow chain once before starting a journey, so that you are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

Why snow chains?

The increased traction results in a short braking distance. This can also prevent slipping sideways on sloping roads. Most Alpine countries therefore have a legal obligation to carry snow chains with them or to mount them in special weather conditions (e.g. ice, but also at low temperatures) depending on the vehicle type. In Austria, new snow chains are additionally certified (ÖNORM V 5117) to ensure the quality of snow chains.

Are there suitable accessories?

We also offer numerous suitable accessories for all our products in case a part of your product should be damaged by intensive use or should go out of shape over time. You will find these in our product category "Spare Parts".