pewag bluetrack

pewag bluetrack for intensive, professional forestry use for medium to heavy forestry machines

First-class materials, coupled with engineering experience that goes back centuries, make pewag bluetrack the essential forestry accessory for medium to heavy forestry operations.

  • Improved lane stability due to 2 asymmetric stubs as a standard
  • For medium to heavy machines also for forwarder on the cargo side
  • Better wear resistance and longer lifespan due to starwave® technology
  • Optimal tire protection thanks to very good tire coverage

Possible applications for our bluetracks

Duo and mono tracks

bluetrack advantages

Superb traction and stability
Thanks to the innovative pewag starwave® profile and the asymmetrical positioning of the stubs, traction is considerably improved. Independent of the characteristics of the terrain, the asymmetrically arranged stubs make for reliable grip. In addition, the individual cross member profiles improve stability on all subsoils and increase cross-country mobility even if the machine is overloaded.
The pewag bluetrack standard is two weld-on stubs on each cross member. 

Improved wear resistance and longer lifespan
Our pewag bluetrack forestry tracks come by default with the tried-and-tested starwave® profile stubs. Thanks to the grooves in the starwave® profile, the stubs have a large surface and therefore take longer to wear out. High-quality forged parts such as connecting links, stubs and locks ensure a long lifespan. In addition, stubs, C-links and connecting links are specially case-hardened for even better wear resistance. pewag uses high-grade materials that are forged, hardened, welded, and pressed into shape based on stringent quality controls.

Highly cost effective
The optimised fit of the tracks ensures perfect traction and prevents the tires from slipping through the track. This reduces fuel and energy consumption and improves machine efficiency.

Optimal tire protection
The wide, galvanized cross members protect the tires of the forestry machine against stones and tree stumps.  The innovative side support also protects the tire flanks and prevents the tracks from sliding off the tires.

Good soil protection
Thanks to the wide profile design, the risk of machines sinking into soft subsoil is minimised, thereby protecting the soil and reducing damage to the forest floor and its roots.