pewag lifting, lashing and anchor points

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Screwable and weldable lifting points from pewag impress with quality, optimal combinability, user-friendliness, and safety.

pewag winner profilift lifting points set new standards for the lifting and moving of loads.

Our innovative product range offers highest standards when it comes to quality, safety, and user-friendliness. All products are compatible with the popular pewag winner lifting chain programme.

pewag prolift lifting points

Lifting points are the right choice if you need connection between loads which need to be lifted through various lifting systems like chain slings, textile slings, rope slings etc.

pewag prolash lashing points

Lashing points are used for load securing, lashing systems and load restraining.

pewag prosecure anchorage points

The anchorage points are used for personal fall protection equipment (PPE). It was developed and tested in accordance with the stringent safety requirements for personal protection equipment according to EU Directive 89/686/EEC.

Why are we excellent in producing lifting points?

From over half a millennium of company history, the drive for quality and the pursuit of perfection has become a standard that we surpass year after year. This standard has been established from the former chain production to all our product groups. Therefore, the production of the lifting points is driven by these same characteristics to meet our high demands and requirements.

What are our USP's?

  • Working load limit (WLL): Breaking force = 1:4 (by PLBW and PLZW 1:5)
  • WLL: Proof force = 1 : 2.5
  • 20.000 cycle fatigue rated to 1.5 times Working load limit
  • Working load limit visibly marked
  • In accordance with the Machinery Directive (MD) 2006/42/EG resp. Machine instruction (MSV) 2010 and EN 1677-1 and technical specifications
  • ISO certification
  • Developed, designed, and manufactured by pewag on the basis of latest standards for lifting points (MSV 2010, MD 2006/42/EG, EN 1677-1 etc.)
  • High strength screws with rolled thread
  • 100% crack tested
  • „Zinc flake coating“ (Chrom VI –free) for increased anticorrosion
  • Marked with WLL indication, type (metric or UNC) and size of thread, batch number and manufacturer information
  • Available in metric and UNC thread
  • Available from stock even with special length (metric thread)


To calculate the desired thread length open our pewag winner prolift lifting points catalogue on page 70.

Manufactured within 24h (if on stock)

Knowledge for you

The pewag academy provides comprehensive information

The product training courses explain the optimum use from the first commissioning to ongoing use and maintenance and are therefore an ideal supplement to the operating instructions. Application tips and tricks from our experts ensure maximum efficiency during use. Learn about our courses on lifting solutions and many more at pewag academy.

pewag lifting solutions for a variety of industries

Our products are developed to meet the highest quality standards and are distinguished by quality, strength and reliability. pewag lifting solutions are used worldwide for various applications and in many industry sectors. pewag offers solutions for:

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