Bucket elevators

Chain system for heavy duty, high capacity- and gravity discharge with centre discharge bucket elevators to elevate a wide range of bulk materials, with highly wear resistant, long round steel chains, high chains speeds result in max. capacities
with DIN – buckets, for chain sprockets with replaceable, adjustable individual teeth and plain segmented chain wheels, BDS stud dimensions are designed to match DIN standard shackles – existing chain end and shackle systems can be converted, chains and buckets are assembled separately, bucket spacing can be changed, simple assembly and disassembly of the bucket attachment BDS-S / BDS.

Bucket Elevator System by pewag on Sketchfab

  • BDD-S-System
  • BHV-System
  • SDS / SDD System
  • BDS /BDS-S-System
  • Shackle System