pewag forestry tracks for optimised grip and maximum soil protection

pewag forestry tracks provide reliable grip on all subsoils and protect the environment thanks to minimal soil impact.

In rough terrain, reliability and stability are decisive factors for safe, efficient processes. pewag forestry tracks ensure optimised traction in all terrains as well as improved wear resistance and lasting soil protection.

To offer customers the right solutions for all applications and requirements, the pewag range consists of duo as well as of mono tracks.

Why choose pewag?

Here at pewag we strive for perfection. With our technical innovations and cunning design we help you in making your job easier and above all, safer.


Case Hardening

Maximum wear resistance meaning you do not need to invest that often in a new pair of tracks.

Due to the reduced elongation of the track, fewer cross members have to be removed meaning less machine downtimes.


Design of our tracks

Adjusting the length of our tracks is easy as we provide different sizes of locks.

pewag track design prevents unnecessary stress on the vehicle axles, which means longer vehicle life.


Two offset stub design

More driving comfort as your forest machine runs smoother.

Two offset stubs is standard with all our bluetracks, providing more stability and (lateral) grip.

The pewag range includes two forestry track product lines: pewag bluetrack and pewag practrack

pewag bluetrack is our high-end line for forestry professionals, offering the highest possible level of safety and efficiency. pewag practrack is our go-to line and a reliable partner for all types of forest operations.

    The differences between the two product lines at a glance:

    pewag bluetrack

    • Superb traction and stability thanks to asymmetrical stubs on cross members
    • Two stubs on each cross member as a standard
    • Meant for forwarder on the cargo side/suitable for havester machines
    • Improved wear resistance and longer lifespan due to starwave® technology
    • Optimal tire protection thanks to cross members
    • Good soil protection as machinery does not sink in
    • First choice for OEMs

    pewag practrack

    • Good traction and stability
    • High resistance thanks to prac stub
    • Safe choice for light to medium forestry use and machines
    • Excellent self-cleaning and very good economy
    • Very good tire protection thanks to cross members


      pewag forestry tracks and chains configurator

      Let us know what you are looking for!

      The configurator for forestry chains and tracks supports you to select the right product for your machine or tire.

      Compare our pewag forestry tracks

      Use our forestry matrix to compare products and find the right track for your requirements.

      pewag bluetrack duropewag bluetrack flowpewag bluetrack flow widepewag bluetrack flow-perfektpewag bluetrack mono skidderpewag bluetrack perfekt
      Flat terrain
      Suitable for universal use
      Gentle on the soil
      Suitable for heavy machinery
      Tyre coverage/tyre protection