Benefits for end-users, service & maintenance providers and retailers

This is the win-win solution for end-users, operators of production means, safety officers and their representatives, service & maintenance providers and retailers.

With peTAG, end users are able to access product-specific information online. Whereas previously, audits required a tedious search for paper test reports, these are now available immediately and whenever required, directly on mobile phones and independent of location. In addition, responsible persons are sent reminders of service appointments and are able to perform their own inspections using checklists.

For maintenance services, peTAG manager offers additional functions that ensure concise, customer-specific inventory management and inspection. A reminder function for service appointments, direct access to the service platform and the completion of inspections using checklists as well as the straightforward compilation of inspection reports help save time and money.

Retailers will also benefit from the innovative peTAG solution: In addition to straightforward access to important production information and inspection certificates provided by peTAG info, peTAG manager makes data administration even easier.

Transparent cost structure and high levels of data security

peTAG manager not only allows the addition and administration of pewag products, but also of other service-relevant products. The price is based on the number of objects for which the programme is put in use.

peTAG manager guarantees the highest possible level of data security!

  • Data is hosted on an external server
  • Access to customer-specific data is granted only to the customer. Limited access may be granted to the maintenance service provider following customer authorisation
  • Continuous updates are available to prevent security holes
 StandardpeTAG solution
Transponder operating frequency
accordance with ISO 15693
13,56 MHz
13,56 MHz
TAG-size≥ 8 mm≥ 4 mm
ReaderDedicated reading device (RFID-Reader)Smartphone and RFID-Reader
Transfer of unique codes to the computerVia Bluetooth or USBNo dedicated transfer required
Access to web portalOnly once the code has been transferred to the computerSpeedy direct access via smartphone or
Product information
Assembly instructions, data sheets etc. in hardcopy or on the computerDigital access directly on the smartphone or computer, location-independent
Product-relevant documents
In hardcopy, filed
Product-relevant documents are easy to locate and may be accessed directly on the Smartphone or on the computer
Data administration
Separate access for user and maintenance serviceAuthorisation for joint use available



peTAG solution: Smart solution – intelligent core

In daily lifting operations, we rely on the safety of the lifting devices we use. This faith in product safety is the result of regular service and maintenance processes, which are often seen as a tiresome chore. On the other hand, they are the basis that ensures the smooth running of the core business.

So far, so good!

However, it is also a fact that the digital support of these processes is often ranked quite low on the list of priorities, although time pressure and faulty data in this area not only cause unforeseen cost increases, but can also lead to unpleasant brushes with the law. The necessity of digital support for the simple, error-free documentation of service activities and the data transfer of inspection results is becoming increasingly apparent.

“Move with the times, or the times will move on without you.” That was our guiding thought when we developed the peTAG solution, resulting in a highly flexible software that enables the sophisticated servicing and management of a wide range of objects and integrates seamlessly with company processes.

Sounds complicated – but isn't! Why not see for yourself?

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