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powerful lifting solutions for renewable energy and wind power

pewag wind provides smart and innovative lifting solutions for the renewable energy industry and the wind power industry. pewag‘s experience in various industries along with our expertise in offshore products enables us to find the right solution for any challenge, making us a strong partner for any industry.

Renewable energy will play a crucial role in the future, as the renewable energy market is growing rapidly. pewag sets a sign for the future by producing innovative and safe lifting products and offering customer-centric services to meet the needs of the wind energy industry.

pewag engineers and produces lifting equipment for heavy lifting procedures as well as anchorage points for fall prevention. All our products enable safe lifting in the onshore and offshore wind power industry. Our years of experience and a global network of subsidiaries and strategic partners make pewag an ideal supplier and a trustworthy partner when it comes to challenging lifting operations.

Why trust in pewag solutions for renewable energy and wind power?

  • Know-how. Hundreds of years of experience with chains and components
  • Variety. Extensive product portfolio, various areas of application, industry solutions
  • Highest quality standards. Engineered and manufactured in Europe, made in Europe, high-quality materials
  • Customer-focused service. Extensive service level, 24/7 online product trainings via pewag academy, support from product experts
  • Global player. International network of subsidiaries
  • All-in-one supplier. One-stop manufacturer

pewag product portfolio for wind

We specialize in the development and manufacture of high-quality, safe and innovative products which are suitable for various applications. It is our goal to optimize and simplify work processes with our extensive and innovative lifting and lashing product portfolio. Made in Europe.

pewag winner profilift lifting points

  • Comes with an individual serial number.
  • 360° rotatable.
  • Anti-corrosion coating.
  • Safety factor 4:1 or 5:1.
  • Products made from stainless steel/rust-resistant.


pewag levo hook LH

  • Remote controlled crane hook.
  • 80 hours of full operation without charging.
  • Increased work safety.
  • Reduced operational costs.


pewag textile lifting solutions

  • EN approved.
  • Technical data sheet and user information.
  • Colour Coding.
  • Working load limit lines.

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