pewag practrack

pewag practrack is the ideal choice for skidders and machines with a mono axle. Additionally, ​it’s also well-suited for usage on light to medium bogie axles machines like harvesters and forwarders on the non-cargo side of the machine.

  • Low fuel consumption due to lightweight design
  • Optimal price/performance ratio for harvesters, forwarders on the non-cargo side and skidders
  • Improved self-cleaning properties compared to pewag bluetrack
  • pewag standard quality

Possible applications for our practracks

practrack advantages

Good traction and stability
The pewag prac stubs reliably grip the ground as the machine moves forward. The individual cross member profiles provide reinforced grip and increase off-road mobility on all surfaces.
One stub per cross member is welded on as standard on pewag practracks.

High resistance
pewag practracks are equipped with prac stubs that provide a large wear surface and thus contribute to the resistance of the track. The proven connecting links, stubs and locks also increase the durability. In addition, stubs, c-links and connecting links are treated with a sophisticated process and offer high wear resistance.

Safe choice for light to medium forestry use
The pewag practrack line is ideally suited for harvester, skidder and forwarder on the non-cargo side due to the reduced number of cross members.
pewag does not recommend the use of practracks for very heavy machines and not for very heavy use.

Good soil protection
Due to the larger contact area of the cross members of some practrack models, the sinking of machines on soft ground is reduced.

Excellent self-cleaning and very good economy
The tracks of the practrack line have fewer cross members compared to the bluetrack line. The reduced number of cross members increases self-cleaning power, as dirt and snow do not get trapped between the tires and the track. The reduced weight allows the machine to move more easily and makes it more economical.