pewag snow and traction chains FAQs

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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, along with useful information about pewag snow and traction chains.

Finding the right chain

Use the Snow Chain Configurator to find the right chain for your vehicle.

For purchasing, please contact a dealer in your area

There is a snow chain for every tire size. However, there are vehicle tire combinations for which the vehicle manufacturer does not allow chains to be used. Please check your vehicle’s owner’s manual regarding which tire dimension is approved by the manufacturer.

At a specialist shop. Required information: Tire diameter + width, vehicle, application.

Chains on the front / rear axle

The vehicle manufacturer must approve the use of chains. The owner’s manual includes the information as to whether or not the chains should be mounted on the front or rear axle. All pewag show chains are suitable for both the front and rear axle. You can find the right chain using the Snow Chain Configurator.

Change of vehicle

The vehicle manufacturer must approve the use of chains. Then you would have to put the chains on the wheels to see if they fit. Modification for a different tire size is not possible. You can determine whether or not the existing chains will fit the new tire size of the new vehicle using the Snow Chain Configurator.

Spare parts

Passenger cars: Some spare parts can be reordered via your snow chain dealer.

Commercial vehicles: Spare parts for commercial vehicles can be ordered at your snow chain dealer. However, major repairs can only be done at the factory.

Complete repair is not possible in this case.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Please return the chains with the invoice to pewag via the dealer.


pewag distributes exclusively to the wholesale trade. Please contact a dealer in your area.


pewag provides end customers with a global manufacturer’s warranty in addition to the statutory warranty. This warranty is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase from the dealer. We declare that our products are manufactured according to the strict guidelines of ÖNORM V5117/V5119 (Austrian Standards Institute).

Mounting / Removal

In general, we recommend that you read the mounting instructions before mounting for the first time and use this information to assist you. The pewag servostar chain has to be adapted, before the first use.

All chains, except for the pewag servomatik and the pewag servostar, are reversible and can be mounted from the left or right.

You can request a replacement from pewag via your dealer.

Please note that the vehicle must be positioned with the tires in a specific position as per the mounting instructions for easy demounting of the chain.

All-wheel drive vehicles

The vehicle manufacturer specifies where the chain is to be mounted. This information is included in the owner’s vehicle manual. You can determine the correct chain via the Snow Chain Configurator. pewag has a special snow chain product line for all-wheel drive vehicles.


Please observe the data from the vehicle manufacturer in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

The pewag Snow Chain Configurator takes into account the correct chain type for the vehicle and for the application.

In general, you may run into a clearance problem at the tyre side wall facing the suspension strut, when there are certain add-on parts, and most likely at the front wheels. For a vehicle with a clearance problem, pewag recommends the chains pewag servostar (no clearance), pewag sport (chain minimum clearance 7 mm) and the pewag servomatik (chain minimum clearance 9 mm).

Chain layer

This information can be found on the pewag website under the 'Products' menu item for the respective snow chain type.

This information can be found on the pewag website under the 'Products' menu item for the respective snow chain type.


Max. 50 km/h on roads completely covered by snow or ice. Please observe the vehicle-specific limitations in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Hire cars

We can’t answer this question because there are so many different hire cars.

Finding a type designation

It is stamped on the plastic casing of the cable and on the red snox box for snox. On the servostar it is stamped on one of the four plastic plaets. For older chains, sometimes on the fastener or on the redirections.

Aluminium rims

Chains with plastic clips are gentle on the rims. However, 100% protection is not possible for technical reasons (travel motion).

In this case, pewag recommends the pewag snox or chains from the pewag servo line, the pewag servostar and pewag servomatik.

4x4 & SUV snow chains

Check the vehicle manufacturer data. Is there enough clearance? Simply try it on the tires.

Chain size /Tire dimension

Passenger cars: The chain size can be found on the stamp on the plastic casing of the chain cable, on stamped parts, on locking parts and on the snox box.

Commercial vehicles: The chain size can be found on the tensioning lever.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if chains are allowed. Check the Snow Chain Configurator to see which chain is permitted for the vehicle tire combination. Then compare this to the available chain. New tire dimension are added every year. That’s why not every single size is listed on the packaging.