Starter ropes polyamid

on reel

This product is available on reel

Braided rope

- higher technical variability of construction
- may be braided with different materials
- individual fields of application
- high flexibility

- hard to splice

These ropes are not suitable for people's safeguarding and must not be used for lifting or securing loads. The indicated capacities are benchmarks.

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Specification table

SAP item number EAN diameter
details (table) length
max. load limit
packing unit alternativ
7000599 9002546307378 3 yellow signal thread 400 19 type of reel PW2
7000600 9002546307385 3.50 yellow signal thread 350 22 type of reel PW2
7000601 9002546307392 4 yellow signal thread 250 35 type of reel PW2