pewag brenta-c 4x4

Simply strong.

The reliable stationary mounting chain for offroad use.

The tried and tested pewag brenta-c is pewag’s bestselling snow chain: the chain was especially strengthened for 4x4 use.
  • Stationary mounting chain for 4x4 use
  • Strengthened model
  • Simple mounting and dismounting through steel cable ring

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Product description

  • Ideal for use on paved and unpaved roads
Product Information
  • Very easy mounting because the inside lock is fast and easy to use
  • Manual chain tension – the chain is retensioned manually
  • Innovative starwave® profile for increased traction
Technical Details
  • ÖNORM (Austrian Standard), TÜV-certified (German Association for Technical Inspection)
  • Square links of 4.5 mm material thickness
  • Inside lock is a resistant hook lock


Specification table

Code / Type item number
XMR 80A V 03851
XMR 69 V 07971
XMR 75 V 12359
XMR 77 V 12360
XMR 79 V 12361
XMR 80 V 12362
XMR 81 V 12363
XMR 82 V 12364
XMR 73 V 19051
XMR 74 V 62039
XMR 76 V 62040