pewag universal

Proven technology. Reliable in use. The classic pewag net chain.

The classic pewag net chain.

pewag universal is the proven net chain for off-road vehicles. The popular chain covers the entire range of tire dimensions – even for wide tires. Thus, there is a suitable chain size for every tractor and construction vehicle!
  • Suitable for tractors and construction vehicles for medium and heavy-duty use
  • Robust hexagonal mesh shape of the running mesh
  • Alternative version available for wide tires

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Product description

  • Recommended for medium- to heavy-duty applications using tractors and construction vehicles
Product Information
  • Quiet and comfortable drives, due to robust hexagonal mesh shape of the running mesh
  • Lower wear, extended product service life and optimum running smoothness thanks to ideal tread coverage with chain material – even with wide tires
  • Withstands even extreme strains thanks to forged middle hooks
  • Innovative starwave® profile increases the surface area of the chain link by approximately 7%, ensuring perfect traction and extended product life
Technical Details
  • 4,5 / 5,6 / 7 / 8,2 / 10 / 12mm net chain
  • Maximum wear resistance through use of TitanGrip®  - a special pewag alloy steel of titanium and boron