pewag servomatik

Innovative snow chain for foolproof mounting without locking hooks.

Automatic re-tensioning.

The pewag servomatik is an innovative hoop chain that is ideal for vehicles with narrow wheel housings and for use on paved roads. The snow chain impresses with its foolproof, quick installation in less than 2 minutes and the automatic retightening function.
  • Ideal for cars with narrow wheel arches for use on paved roads
  • Intuitive mounting
  • Rim protection – no direct contact with the wheel rim thanks to innovative chain system

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Product description

  • Particularly recommended for vehicles with rear-wheel drive and wheelhouse with low clearance
  • Also suitable for front-wheel drive
  • Ideal for paved roads
Product Information
  • Very convenient mounting system
  • Self-explanatory assembly with display window to ensure that the chain has been mounted safely
  • No fastening elements, no hooks
  • Innovative starwave® profile increases the surface area of the chain link by approximately 7%, ensuring perfect traction and extended product life
  • 9mm hoop chain for vehicles with minimal clearance in the wheelhouse
  • Rim protection – no direct contact with the wheel rim thanks to innovative chain system
Technical Details
  • 3,1mm chain tested according to ÖNORM V 5117, EN 16662-1
  • The parts essential for assembly are marked in red
  • Self-tensioning system thanks to patented pewag servo ratchet technology


Specification table

Code / Type SAP item number tire sizes
RSM 64  4047328  ↓ 
RSM 67  4047375  ↓ 
RSM 68  4047376  ↓ 
RSM 69  4047386  ↓ 
RSM 73  4047387  ↓ 
RSM 74  4047403  ↓ 
RSM 75  4047417  ↓ 
RSM 76  4047418  ↓ 
RSM 77  4047419  ↓ 
RSM 78  4047420  ↓ 
RSM 79  4047421  ↓