pewag practrack duo flow

Developed for everyday forestry use on flat and soft ground.
  • Safe ride and less sinking
  • Tread that is gentle on the ground
  • Good tire protection against damage from tree stumps and stones
  • For light and medium forestry use

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Product description

With pewag practrack duo flow you benefit by...
  • ride, with reduced risk of sinking in on soft ground.
  • ...good tire protection from damage by tree stumps and stones thanks to wide tread coverage.

Product design

. Available exclusively in 16mm cross member thickness.

pewag practrack benefits

Reliable quality products thanks to traditional production process convince with...
  • ...good traction and stability: the pewag prac stubs reliably grip the ground when the machine is moving forward, thus ensuring good grip.
  • ...high resistance: pewag practracks are equipped with square stubs, which provide a large wear surface and thus contribute to the resistance of the track.
  • ...Safety in light forestry use: pewag practrack tracks are ideally suited for use with light to medium forestry machines due to the reduced number of cross members.
  • ...good soil protection thanks to the large contact surface.
  • ...excellent self-cleaning: Fewer cross members enhance the self-cleaning of the track and reduce weight for easier handling.

Details of the practrack product line

pewag practrack tracks have compared to the bluetrack line:
  • fewer crossbars because the connecting links are longer
  • only one smooth stub welded on per cross member

  • Always use the maximum tire pressure specified by the tire manufacturer.
  • Check if there is enough clearance for the tracks.
  • Use of pewag practracks is not recommended for very heavy machinery and not recommended for heavy use.