pewag erzberg ED

Extremely strong.

Professional chain for use with heavy-duty vehicles.

pewag erzberg ED – this reinforced chain stands up even to the toughest challenges.
  • Chain for professional
  • Long life span due to wear elements and TitanGrip®
  • Offers optimum pressure distribution and a smooth ride
  • extreme and heavy-duty use

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Product description

  • Recommended for extreme applications such as snow removal, construction and earthmoving operations
Product Information
  • Close-knit running mesh in a robust ring design
  • Additional welded-on wear elements
  • Forged fastening hooks ensure smooth running, reliability and straightforward handling
  • Innovative starwave® profile for additional grip on snowy and icy ground
Technical Details
  • pewag TitanGrip® special steel for an extended lifespan
  • Available in the material thicknesses 7,3 / 8.5 / 10,5 and 12.5 mm, depending on the chain size