pewag austro super reinforced

Strong, stronger, reinforced.

Chain for heavy-duty utility vehicle use.

The reinforced version of the classic pewag austro super simplifies heavy-duty commercial vehicle operations - e.g. on construction sites or when logging in extreme terrain. More grip on soft soils is possible thanks to higher chain mesh diameters.
  • Suitable for the heaviest commercial vehicle usage
  • Easy and fast mounting, due to the lightweight chain
  • Ideal grip and excellent running smoothness on soft ground

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Product description

  • Recommended for transporters, heavier utility, buses, lumber hauling vehicles and for emergency vehicles on unpaved roads
Product Information
  • Easy and fast mounting, due to the lightweight chain
  • Higher material diameter for excellent grip on soft ground
  • Innovative starwave® profile increases the surface area of the chain link by approximately 7%, ensuring perfect traction and extended product life
Technical Details
  • 4,5 / 5,6 / 7 / 8,2mm diamond-pattern chain tested according to ÖNORM V 5119
  • For material thickness 5,6 / 7 / 8,2mm: welded rings connect the running mesh to the side chains
  • Maximum wear resistance through use of TitanGrip®  -a special pewag alloy steel of titanium and boron
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