KHSW Clevis sling hook

The direct approach.

This universal clevis sling hook has a 25% higher lashing capacity than grade 8.

Thanks to the clevis system, the sling hook can be linked to the chain quickly and easily, without the need for an additional connecting element. The product is designed for straight pull only. Care must be taken to protect the tip of the hook and the safety catch against loading.

The chain is easily and quickly assembled by a competent person – no special tools required!

The coupling pin and the retaining pin are available as a KBSW spare parts set.

The safety catch set consists of a die-forged safety catch, a stainless steel spring and a retaining pin.

The comprehensive operating manual ensures that all your questions are answered in full. This is premium quality you can count on – thanks to EN 1677‑2 compliance, G10 lashing capacity, BG-approval and CE-marking.

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Specification table

KHSW Clevis sling hook Code / Type LC lashing capacity
Measurement Image KHSW 8 50 95 28 19 10 26 90 0.62
KHSW 10 80 109 35 25 12.50 31 108 1.19
KHSW 13 134 136 41 34 16 39 131 2.12
KHSW 16 200 155 49 37 20 45 153 3.49