BKHSW Oversize clevis sling hook

Resistance on a large scale.

The safety latch of the BKHSW oversize clevis sling hook locks into the tip of the hook, thereby providing excellent protection against lateral shifts. The jaw opening is significantly larger than that of the standard KHSW, making this product extra-flexible. Forged control markings make it easy to determine discard criteria. The product may be linked to the chain quickly and easily, without the need for an additional connecting element. The product is designed for straight pull only. Care must be taken to protect the tip of the hook and the safety catch against loading. The BKHSW oversize clevis sling hook is easily and quickly assembled by a competent person – no special tools required! The coupling pin and the lock pin are available as a spare parts set. The safety catch set consists of a die-forged safety catch, a stainless steel spring and a safety sleeve.

The product comes with a full operating manual that will answer any other questions you may have. Outstanding quality features include manufacturing according to EN 1677‑2 with the mechanical values for G10, BG-approval and CE-marking. The KBSW spare parts set consists of a coupling pin and retaining pin. The SFGW-B spare parts set consists of a safety catch, spring and safety sleeve.

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Specification table

BKHSW Oversize clevis sling hook Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image BKHSW 8 2,500 93 27 25 10 32 98 0.90
BKHSW 10 4,000 111 33 30 12.50 38 119 1.53