Safe working in the forest with pewag

No matter if steep terrain, rocky subsoil, mud or snow – pewag offers solutions for all undergrounds

Everybody knows that it is of high importance to guarantee safety while working in the forest. The machines are getting bigger, more expensive and have up to 10 wheels. Every mistake has disastrous consequences on people as well as vehicles. Hence, forestry chains and tracks offers a very important safety aspects for working in the forest.

pewag bluetracks provide grip in rough, steep terrain and secure us and our machines from slipping off and accidents. The tracks and chains are offered in different variants suitable for different areas of application and undergrounds. For every application we offer the right chain - no matter if you go on snowy and muddy terrain or on rocky soil. In addition, pewag offers allrounder tracks for varying requirements.

Forestry chains help us to work safer and more efficiently. Due to the chain’s self-cleaning effect you never loose grip. Furthermore, the adjustable elements on the chain counteract tire wear. Finally, pewag forestry chains protect the soil through its proportional low weight.

But what happens if the subsoil is very soft and sensitive that our machines might cave in? In this case forestry tracks are used. Through their wide profile design the weight of the machine is distributed over a larger surface which prevents sinking into the soil. Asymmetric positioned stubs ensure the necessary grip – consequently we have safe grip and protect the ground at the same time.

A damaged wheel is very annoying and takes valuable time. Forestry chains and tracks protects our wheels from being damaged by tree stumps and stones. They do not only provide maximum grip and soil protection on different terrains, they also raise efficiency while working. Time consuming and cost intensive reparations on the machine can be prevented. Thus, for working professionally in the forest, pewag chains and tracks are a valuable support.


For more security in the forest – pewag forestry products!


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