pewag launches mono tracks

pewag mono tracks form a useful complement to the well-established bluetrack duo tracks

For pewag it is very important to offer its customers solutions for different operating conditions and requirements. Our new pewag mono tracks have been developed for single wheels – especially for cut-to-length machines.

As of now, all pewag bluetracks are available as mono or duo track.

Why trust in pewag forestry products?

pewag bluetracks provide an advantage thanks to...

…superb traction and stability through the innovative pewag starwave® profile.

…improved wear resistance and a longer lifespan.

…highly cost effectiveness through the optimised fit of the tracks.

…optimal tyre protection.

…good soil protection thanks to a larger contact surface.

…highest quality standards and production in Europe.

…excellent customer-focused service worldwide.


For more security in the forest – pewag forestry products!


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