Perfect solutions for changing underground conditions in autumn

Rain, freeze, sunshine cause difficult conditions for forestry applications in autumn. Forestry professionals need reliable traction again to work safely.

Especially in autumn changing weather conditions and differences in temperature are challenging for forestry workers. During the nights temperature reaches zero degrees or even less which makes the ground freezing. During the day the sun is shining and makes the ground soft again. Additionally, it is raining frequently in autumn which makes the ground soft and muddy and freezing in the nights. pewag offers the perfect solution for these special conditions – pewag bluetrack flow-perfekt forestry track. Besides the forestry chains pewag forstgrip and pewag forstgrip cross are safe solutions in autumn.

Why is pewag bluetrack flow-perfekt the preferred choice?

pewag bluetrack flow-perfekt is the all-rounder among forestry tracks and was developed especially for varying terrains and conditions. It guarantees stability and good traction even on hillsides thanks to the perfekt-cross member profile and enables effortless operations on soft terrain thanks to the flow-cross member profile. Exactly this combination makes the difference in autumn and ensures a safe forestry application – also with very heavy machines.

The pewag bluetrack flow-perfekt is available as mono and duo track and with 16mm and 20mm cross member thickness.

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pewag bluetrack mono flow-perfekt

pewag bluetrack duo flow-perfekt


Safe companion in autumn: pewag forestry chains

Also a good choice for autumn conditions are our forestry chains pewag forstgrip and pewag forstgrip cross.

pewag forstgrip was developed for soft and muddy terrain and has excellent self-cleaning properties of the wide mesh design. Thanks to the angled stub arrangement the chain offers optimized grip and stability even in rough terrain.

pewag forstgrip cross is suitable for large forestry machines. It offers optimized grip thanks to various forged parts and angled stub arrangement and has excellent self-cleaning properties on soft ground.

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pewag forstgrip

pewag forstgrip cross

For more security in the forest – pewag forestry products!


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