pewag uninet

A smooth and comfortable drive on ice, snow and off-road.

construction vehicles on ice, snow and offroad.

The optimal self-cleaning effect of the pewag uninet ensures a quiet and comfortable ride with tractors and construction vehicles. Adjustable elements on the inside of the chain make it very easy for drivers to adjust the chain to the tire.
  • Suitable for tractors and construction machinery on ice, snow and off-road
  • Easy mounting and handling, due to the lightweight chain
  • Square gripping links increases grip

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Descripción del producto

  • Recommended for tractors and construction vehicles
Product Information
  • All-round traction, due to possible mounting on the front and rear tires of the vehicle
  • Increased gripping action and higher wear resistance thanks to square gripping elements
  • Easy handling, due to the lightweight chain
Technical Details
  • 7 / 8,2 / 10mm net chain
  • Robust link between running mesh and side chains, due to the welded rings
  • Ideal tire adjustments possible through adjustable elements on the inside