pewag power move

The all-rounder for snow and mud.

pewag power move is the ideal chain for snow and construction work. The appropriate tread coverage ensures optimal smoothness, but also provides great self-cleaning properties.
  • Ideal chain for snow and construction work with wheel loaders
  • More traction thanks to the use of studs
  • Optimal driving comfort, due to adequate tread coverage for wide tires

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Descripción del producto

  • Recommended for wheel loaders in medium to heavy-duty use on snow, mud and loose ground

Product Information

  • More grip, due to studs on the running mesh
  • Easier chain mounting, due to tensioning levers on the inner and outer chain
  • Less wear, longer service life and optimum running smoothness thanks to extended designs for wide tires

Technical Details

  • 10,5mm spiked chain
  • Selected sizes also available in 12,5mm
  • 2-field version available from tire dimension 26.5-25. This applies for material thickness 12,5mm.
  • Maximum wear resistance through use of TitanGrip®  - a special pewag alloy steel of titanium and boron