Choker chain G8

With clevis choker hook + slip through pin
Corresponds to EN 818‑2 with higher load capacity Grade 8

Shortening possibility thanks to the sliding shoe GB.
Allows easily passage of the chain underneath the trunks with the slip through pin D.
The clevis choker hook KSR makes it easy to form and open choker slings. High tensile tested chain type VKF grade 8.

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Tabla de especificaciones

item number designation diameter
tensile force
10903 VKF 7 D-KSR 2000 7 2.600 2.000
10904 VKF 7 D-KSR 2500 7 2.600 2.500
10913 VKF 8 D-KSR 2500 8 3.600 2.500