Single lashing straps

with cam buckle

according EN 12195-2

pewag lashing straps are manufactured according to EN 12195-2 and consist of polyester (PES).
We distinguish between single lashing belts and two part lashing straps:
A single lashing strap is used for strapping and therefore does not need end fittings.
A two part lashing strap consists of a fixed end (end fitting, belt and tension device) and a loose end (belt and end fitting).

Lashing straps must not be used for lifting loads, only for securing of load.

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Tabla de especificaciones

SAP item number EAN13 designation Fueza de tensión estándar
Allowed lashing capacity of the lashing strap LC Total length signal color tie-width
7002477 9002546914910 ZG KL 25 x 2500 / 250 E - 250 daN 2.500 red 25 2
7002478 9002546914927 ZG KL 25 x 3000 / 250 E - 250 daN 3.000 red 25 2
7001173 9002546699374 ZG KL 25 x 5000 / 250 E - 250 daN 5.000 red 25 2