MW-DNV 2.7-1 Enlarged Offshore master link

Sometimes standard master links are too narrow for wire rope slings, meaning that wire rope thimbles don‘t have sufficient space and/or room. It can also be the case that rings are too narrow for large crane hooks.

Master link for offshore container lifting purposes in welded chain slings/or wire rope slings. Particularly suited for wire rope slings due to the larger width compared to AW-DNV 2.7-1, to give space for wire rope thimbles. Can be used for larger crane hooks as AW-DNV 2.7-1 with comparable thickness.

For manufacture of I-leg and II-leg slings. Allocation to max. usable crane hooks according to DIN 15401 stated in table.

CE marking.
Type approved in accordance with DNV 2.7-1. Type approval certificate no. S-8254.

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Tabla de especificaciones

MW-DNV 2.7-1 Enlarged Offshore master link Código WLL Standard EN
Test force
Breaking force 1:5
De uso hasta gancho sencillo según DIN 15401 d
Measurement Image MW 18-DNV 2.7-1 4,20 103 206 6 19 160 95 1,09
MW 22-DNV 2.7-1 6,70 164 329 10 23 170 105 1,74
MW 26-DNV 2.7-1 10,60 260 520 10 27 190 110 2,65
MW 32-DNV 2.7-1 16 392 785 12 33 230 130 4,75
MW 36-DNV 2.7-1 24 589 1.177 20 38 275 150 7,48
Stated working load limit applies at safety factor 4 and 5