pewag starmove erzberg F

Even stronger. Even more robust.

For the toughest applications and heaviest vehicles.

The combination of close-knit running mesh and stubs in a higher material strength stands up to any situation.

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Product description

  • Recommended for extreme applications such as professional snow removal operations, construction sites and rough terrain
Product Information
  • Close-knit running mesh in a robust, welded-ring design
  • starmove® technology: improved traction as every single square chain link achieves grip on the running surface due to inclined position of the chain links
  • Wear elements with higher material thickness than the chain are welded in an inclined position on all the square chain links in the running mesh, with starwave® profile for added grip and a longer lifespan
  • Results in a 70 % increase in wear volume
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to weight-optimised shoulder and outside chains
  • Gentle on the tire thanks to shoulder chains with a round cross-section
  • Innovative starwave® profile for additional grip on snow and ice
Technical Details
  • Available in material thicknesses 7 and 8.5 mm, depending on the chain size; F stubs in material thicknesses 8.2 and 10 mm
  • pewag TitanGrip® special steel for heavy-duty applications