pewag snox suv

s(nox)olution! Naturally from pewag.

pewag snox is the only snow chain that is not mounted, but snoxed!

s(nox)olution! is the new chain’s slogan and brings it to the point: pewag snox makes the mounting of your snow chain easy and comfortable. 
  • World’s easiest chain to mount
  • Fully automatic tensioning
  • Easiest demounting in the world

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Product description

  • Ideal for city driving / paved roads
  • Recommended for SUVs
Product Information
  • Easy to use because no lock parts are necessary
  • The chain tensions itself fully automatically – retensioning is not necessary
  • For demounting simply pull off the chain
  • Innovative starwave® profile for increased traction
  • Rim protection
Technical Details  
  • ÖNORM (Austrian Standard), TÜV-certified (German Association for Technical Inspection)
  • Chain mesh out of square links in 3.7 mm diameter
  • pewag snox-box regulates the chain tension fully automatically – manual tensioning is not necessary
  • Quick-release system for quick demounting


Specification table

Code / Type item number tire sizes
SXV 570  37630  ↓ 
SXV 580  37632  ↓ 
SXV 590  37636  ↓ 
SXV 600  37637  ↓