Contact persons

Andreas Stugger

Operational manager

Andreas Stugger has held executive positions in the field of project coordination within the plant construction industry for many years. In autumn 2014, he took over as Operational Manager of pewag engineering GmbH. In addition to the professional handling of customer projects, his priorities are innovative and efficient technological solutions and good communication within the team.

René Krejci

Managing Director

René Alexander Krejci looks back on many years' experience in the controlling of industrial enterprises. He took over as Managing Director of pewag engineering GmbH in 2005. His key priorities include customer satisfaction, achieved through innovative solutions and services, as well as transparent business processes.

Andrea Grandtner


Andrea Grandtner is the heart and soul of pewag engineering. From the back office, she supports the executive management as well as the procurement team, is responsible for the entire administration and is always open to anything our customers may need.

Andrea Grandtner


Fr. Grandtner ist der "gute Geist" der pewag engineering. Sie unterstützt aus dem Backoffice heraus die Geschäftsführung und den Einkauf und ist für die gesamte Administration zuständig und hat ein offenes Ohr für die Anliegen unserer Kunden.

Roman Ageleski


Mr. Angeleski is since March 2018 responsible for the controlling and project management at pewag engineering GmbH. Before he has been also in the controlling of a large corporate in the industry. 

Hermann Michelitsch

Project engineer

Hermann Michelitsch has been with pewag ever since 1986. He started out as a design engineer and today is senior project leader for sales and project management. His areas of responsibility include the management of the existing client base, the preparation of offers and quotes (including concept formulation in conjunction with the technical departments) as well as project handling (including the monitoring of costs and deadlines).

Gerhard Kroissenbrunner

Project engineer

Mr. Kroissenbrunner started his career at pewag engineering back in 1991, initially in the design department. In 1993, he moved to the customer service department, where today he is senior project manager. His tasks include the management of the existing client base, new customer acquisition as well as sales and contract handling.



Gerhard Kroissenbrunner


Herr Kroissenbrunner begann bei der pewag engineering 1991. Zu Beginn seiner Tätigkeit hat er in der Konstruktion gearbeitet, von wo er 1993 in die Abteilung der Kundenbetreuung gewechselt ist und dort mittlerweile als Senior-Projektleiter tätig ist. Zu seinen Aufgaben zählt die Betreuung des bestehenden Kundenstammes, die Neukundengewinnung und die Verkaufs- und Vertragsabwicklung.



Marvin Fratzl

Project engineer

In June 2017 Mr. Fratzl joined pewag engineering. In his role as project engineer he is responsible for sales and project management. His areas of responsibility include the provision of services including conceptual design, layout and costing, as well as project management with deadline and cost control.

Radomir Babic

Project engineer

Radomir Babic has been working as project engineer at pewag engineering since beginning of 2017. He brings long term interdisciplinary experience from special machine and plant engineering into the company. Value for customers, core competence, innovation, quality, supplier integration, value orientation as well as lean processes are the basis for successful project business.

Radomir Babic


Radomir Babic ist seit Anfang 2017, als Projektleiter im Sondermaschinenbau bei PWE tätig. Bringt langjährige interdisziplinäre Erfahrung aus dem Sondermaschinen- und Anlagenbau, in das Unternehmen mit. Mehrwert für Kunden, Kernkompetenz, Innovation, Qualität, Lieferantenintegration, Wertorientierung, sowie schlanke Prozesse, sind Basis für erfolgreiches Projektgeschäft.

Klaus Neubauer

Head of research & development

Klaus Neubauer has held the position of Head of Design at pewag engineering since 2014 and heads a team of approx. Since fall 2018 he is head of the new founded department of reasearch and development. 

Wolfgang Wolkner

Head of Process Planning

Wolfgang Wolkner started out as a fitting apprentice with pewag austria back in 1989. In 2006, he moved to the process planning department, where he took over as team leader in 2015. On the basis of his many years' experience in a wide range of areas, he also supports the purchasing department in make-or-buy decisions on top of his responsibilities as Head of Process Planning, and also promotes the ongoing improvement of our in-house ERP system as an SAP key user.

Richard Fluch

Process Planning Assistant

Richard Fluch started working for pewag in 1988 and was Head of Mechanical Production for many years before moving to Process Planning in January 2016. His area of responsibility ranges from the preparation of process flow documents, offers and quotes for mechanical processing steps, both internal and external, to direct customer support for contract manufacturing.


Heribert Wolf

Head of Purchasing

Heribert Wolf started out as a chain welder with pewag austria in 1988. Following his move to pewag engineering in 1996, he held various positions within the company before moving to the purchasing department in 2006, where he has since taken over as head. His responsibilities include the ongoing development, management and assessment of our extensive network of suppliers and the optimisation of the purchasing structures for materials, goods and services, with a focus on project-specific additional purchases.

Günter Krenn

Process planning, Head of Assembly and Mechanical Manufacturing

Günter Krenn started out as a fitting apprentice with pewag austria back in 1976, moved to pewag engineering in 1988 and finally to process planning in 1993. He later took over as head of the assembly groups. Today, his area of responsibility also includes mechanical manufacturing and he has been in charge of all aspects of the manufacturing process at the Kapfenberg site since 2015. 

Anton Maurer

Head of electrical preparation and production

Ever since the foundation of pewag engineering GmbH, Anton Maurer has been responsible for the planning, programming and commissioning of the electrical parts of special-purpose machines. He is head of the automation and electrical engineering department with 5 employees and is able to directly draw on his experience and technical competence for a wide range of projects.

Werner Maurer

Head of Quality Assurance

Werner Maurer has been a pewag employee since 1977 and moved to pewag engineering in 1988. Today, he is responsible for quality assurance and complaints management. From 2006 until 2010, he also headed the assembly department. In 2010, he completed his training as European welding engineer and is the perfect contact for any welding-related queries. Energy and environmental management as well as health and safety are other core responsibilities within his position.

Bernhard Fuchs

Mr. Fuchs is since 2015 part of the pewag team. He has long lasting experience in the construction of special machines. Since 2017 he is the head of the construction department with 7 employees.

Bernhard Fuchs

Hr. Fuchs ist seit 2015 Teil des pewag Teams. Er verfügt über jahrelange Erfahrung in der Konstruktion von Sondermaschinen und Anlagen. Seit 2017 leitet er die Konstruktionsabteilung mit ca. 7 Mitarbeitern.  

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