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IFAT - World´s Leading Trade Fair

Easy to operate, safe to use: The Austrian premium chain manufacturer pewag will present its innovative product portfolio in the field of stainless steel chains and introduce its enhanced pump chains PCWI at the IFAT – the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technology – in Munich from the 5th to the 9th of May, 2014.

pewag PCWI – corrosion-resistant pump chains for pros


The pewag pump chains type PCWI are ideally suited for lifting pumps and ventilation equipment in the water and sanitation sector. As submersible pumps and their chains are used in a wide variety of liquid applications, the demands for corrosion-resistance and hygiene are extremely high. Once a chain for lifting loads corrodes, it must be replaced. This is normally expensive and equally time consuming. Hence pewag pump chains are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel. This material is extremely resistant to corrosion which extends the service life of

the chains considerably while reducing costs enormously.

Simply safe – you can rely on pewag pump chains


The pewag quality management system (ISO 9001) and continuous inspections during manufacturing ensure, if used properly, utmost reliability, safety and a long useful life. Each pewag PCWI pump chain is therefore equipped with the corresponding stamp and lifting identification tag. This not only indicates the important lifting capacity value for the user, but also confirms the conformity of the product to the applicable machinery directives; allowing the users to quickly and easily see that the chain meets the necessary safety regulations for the lifting of loads. A crucial safety-relevant advantage which the pros using pewag pump chains value.


Flexible – with no ifs and buts

The pros particularly value the large, oval master links of the pewag pump chains. Even the smallest version of the pewag pump chain PCWI 4 (with a 4 mm strong chain) has a master link of approx. 35 mm width; which enables the hanging of conventional lifting equipment with ease, without additional shackles or intermediate rings. This saves time and money, without compromising lifting capacity or reliability.


Know-how for the user – Distributor and supplier advantage


Nothing can go wrong when pewag pump chains are used properly – that is why even the pros put their trust in our high-quality chains. And those who are already familiar with the performance and quality of pewag pump chains will continue to order them from distributors and suppliers in the future. To allow the user to keep up-to-date with the innovative pewag products, pewag organises training courses and holds lectures on the subjects of safety and regulations. The user and the customer will always be one step ahead with pewag..

pewag pump chains PCWI – the advantages at a glance

- Easy to operate

- Safe to use

- Long service life through corrosion resistance and high wear resistance

- Flexible in use


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