pewag winner profilift lifting point PLZW Zeta – disassembled in one easy step.


The new PLZW Zeta lifting point can be disassembled without tools and enables the attachment of closed lifting equipment without the use of shackles. A lifting point for many applications – released with a safety factor of 5:1!

Innovation through design.

Due to the smart construction, the pewag winner profilift lifting point PLZW Zeta can be manually assembled and disassembled. The PLZW Zeta thus enables the simple attachment of closed lifting equipment such as eye sling hooks or rope loops without the use of additional shackles or connecting links.

The PLZW Zeta convinces users with its agility: The lifting point can be rotated 360° and loaded in all directions. The application range covers temperatures from -20°C to 400°C and the product is compatible with pewag peTAG (prebored NFC tag drilling hole). Thanks to the integration of a sleeve, the surface of the load is protected from damage. The lifting point is mounted at the desired position by using tools.  

A high degree of safety.

The latest addition to pewag‘s range of lifting points is released with a five-fold security against breakage. In addition, the individual serial number enables the unambiguous identification of the lifting point.  

The replaceable screw is 100% crack tested and has a chrome VI-free corrosion protection as well as the marking of manufacturer, load capacity, thread size and tightening torque.

The pewag winner profilift lifting point PLZW Zeta is currently available in thread sizes M8 and M10. Further thread sizes will follow.

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