pewag winner lifting clamps now equipped with peTAG


By 1st of January 2017 all pewag winner lifting clamps will be equiped with a peTAG ID tag and delivered to our customers. That will be the only existing version – from then on pewag winner lifting clamps are no longer available without the ID tag.
The tags will be attached to the outside of the clamps so they are visible immediately and you can read them out comfortably. Furthermore a marking next to the ID tags will point them out. The peTAG ID number is printed on the inspection certificate.

This brings some advantages:
·         The clamps can be tested and managed easily with the peTAGmanager.
·         The ID tag number alternatively can also be used for in-house management systems.
·         peTAGinfo is saved on all ID tags as standard (general information about lifting clamps, catalog, warranty conditions, user manuals).