pewag Starmove

star qualities that move mountains

Last Friday saw the long-awaited launch of the pewag starmove, which was presented to the public for the very first time. The traction chain, specially developed for the toughest conditions in professional snow removal applications, was presented to a selected audience in fantastic weather conditions and against a magnificent mountain backdrop.

The chain was mounted "live" at the Fuscher Törl and the approximately 100 guests were able to see for themselves the outstanding power of the pewag starmove, which was designed for snow removal operations with as little downtime as possible.  
To live up to the extreme demands of professional applications, pewag has developed this product from scratch: Thanks to the X position of the chain links in relation to the terrain, wear volume is increased, therefore significantly prolonging the lifespan of the product. In addition, traction is optimised as all chain links on the running surface are in contact with the ground and the innovative starwave® wave profile ensures maximum grip. Finally, unlike traditional traction chains, the pewag starmove chain consists of specially twisted chain links for improved running smoothness and driving comfort, as well as permitting a much lighter design than comparable 7 mm chains.
Following the spectacular presentation of the chain in action, an equally formidable show act by the group "Drummatical Theatre" broke the ice before the chain was mounted once more, this time in a "race" against the stopwatch. The result: It was proven in real-life conditions that the new pewag starmove not only comes with outstanding endurance characteristics, but is also extremely quick to mount!
Before making their way to the social part of the event, the participants from 7 countries gathered for a group photograph at the foot of the Grossglockner.