pewag peCLAMP pro clamps

Extreme conditions require extreme strength.

Conventional lifting clamps can quickly reach their limits in extreme applications. The pewag peCLAMP pro clamp is a reliable partner for lifting, turning and transporting heavy duties, such as steel plates and steel structures. In use, the heavy-duty lifting clamp convinces with an improved lifting eye in two different versions and a wide load angle.

When real strength is required, you can rely on the pewag peCLAMP pro clamp: The robust construction and the ergonomic, solid shape of the clamp body enables the use under difficult working conditions. Due to the reinforced lifting eye, the load can be moved both horizontally and vertically.

The lifting clamps can be loaded up to an angle of 120°. The wide loading angle is unique and makes the lifting clamps very versatile. The safety lever ensures that the closed clamp is locked to the workpiece. Each pewag peCLAMP pro clamp is equipped with an individual serial number and a pewag peTAG chip (NFC chip), enabling optimum service performance. The jaw opening as well as the minimum and maximum load capacity are marked directly on the clamp body.

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The enormously resilient lifting clamp is available in two versions: The pewag peCLAMP pro VCP has a reinforced lifting eye in straight articulation. The pewag peCLAMP pro VUP model is equipped with a reinforced, universal articulated lifting eye.  


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