pewag bluetrack - both strong and gentle

pewag bluetrack combines precisely of a good traction track for forestry machines.


Hard and durable, but also mild and gentle. pewag bluetrack combines precisely the characteristics of a good traction track for forestry machines.
Satisfied users have noticed how prudent the traction tracks are on the ground.
- They run smoothly and do not tear up the surface, says forestry contractor Marcus Pettersson.

Helmut Gamperl, representing Wolfgang Schellnast Co and living in Bad Blumau, was the very first pewag bluetrack test operator. He has 13 years of experience with forwarders. Since 1st November 2014 Wolfgang has been working with pewag bluetrack duro. For him the system of the forged stubs offers a great convenience when driving in steep territory. He is still very satisfied with the performance of his pewag traction tracks.

In the beginning of the summer pewags bluetrack serie, consisting the models perfect, duro and flow, came to the Nordic countries. The traction tracks is highly praised for their gentle impact on the forest.
Marcus Pettersson, Grinduga Skogsentreprenad in Gavle, notes that the smooth driving means that the terrain influences very lightly. Which made him grateful. No one wants to cause huge deep tracks that takes years for the nature to heal.
- It becomes fine basic roads where you drive. The traction tracks flatten it well, commends Marcus.
Christian Nannestad, WNK Skogsgallring AB Munka-Ljungby, mentions the same thing.
- I like the buoyancy they have. It truly spares the environment, says Christian.

Marcus and Christian have equiped their forwarders with pewag bluetrack flow. This model is specially designed for use in light terrain. The wide of the traction track prevents the machine from sinking very deeply.
- I never had a traction track with plates this of wide before. I feel it offers  better lateral stability, Marcus says and adds:
- The studs grab perfectly even when it's very rocky.
The studs of the traction track have a wave-shaped profile - called starwave®. The design is unique and increases the cured surface of the studs. Which creates a very reliable grip.
- It certainly pulls well, agrees Christian and means that it enhances the comfort:
- When it runs softer it does not become so bumpy.

Niclas Eriksson, Eliasson Logging in Soderberke, drives with pewag bluetrack perfect. He praises the traction force, grip safety and the excellent fitting.
- The traction tracks suit very well on the wheels, says Niclas and also  points out:
- It isn´t any sign of elongation. I got them tensioned directly when they were new. It has held up well since then and that´s an advantage. It's tedious to tension all the time. And it´s something you neglect easily. You want to utilize every minute to drive.


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