Cooperation with Global Fire Friends Germany

Starting date is spring 2018.

The enthusiastic volunteer firefighters Jürgen Sprengel, chemical plant engineer and Harald Schilleger, construction and security engineer from Dortmund, are currently planning an internationally unique fire and civil defense aid project with the working title "Global Fire Friends Germany".

As part of a long-term tour through North, Central and South America as well as through large parts of Asia, they want to provide support and assistance in setting up and expanding fire departments. Focus is the promotion of the international fire brigade and civil defense fellowship and the promotion of the international understanding.

Starting date is spring 2018.

Project vehicle is a Mercedes Benz SK 1735A with permanent-wheel drive, built in 1/1993 with a solidly built living cabin. The engine power is about 350 hp.

The pewag Schneeketten GmbH is considered as the leading address for snow and anti-skid chains for heavy commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles. The products from pewag impress with their high-quality workmanship, longevity and reliability even under the toughest conditions of use. The global sales network is reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction.

The Key Equipment Piece is a pewag austro super reinforced, the heavy commercial vehicle chain.

The pictures show the handing over of the chains to the "Global Fire Friends Germany" and the mounting/demounting-training in Unna by Sales Manager Reiner Linnig.



More information from this impressive long-term expedition will follow.