New snow chain at pewag: pewag servostar

The innovative solution for passenger cars with limited space in the wheelhouse

Reliable traction is necessary to ensure security in road traffic on slippery ground. The joy of innovation has led pewag to develop and produce chains that guarantee maximum safety and comfort in all weather conditions. The newly developed passenger car snow chain pewag servostar combines best traction and simple assembly in a single product. The snow chain was developed especially for sportive cars with zero clearance on the wheel inside.

“pewag servostar is our new product for the winter season 2020/2021. It was especially designed for vehicles with limited clearance. Thus, the solution is suitable for cars with no room in the wheelhouse for standard chains.”,explains Rob Bekkers – new CEO of pewag Schneeketten & Forst group. 

The innovative snow chain is not only applicable for vehicles with limited inner clearance but also for all passenger cars. It offers a decisive advantage compared to standard chains: The comfortable assembling from the outside prevents reaching inside the wheelhouse. 

The clip-on chains convince with its easy installation, as all steps are handled from the outside. The chain was designed to be placed only on the tread – not on the sidewall of the wheel. This means that there is no need to reach behind the wheel anymore while assembling and demounting the chain. Furthermore, the servo ratchet systems enable a comfortable and convenient assembly even on snowy and dirty roads. The patented pewag servo ratchet technology is a system which tightens the snow chain on the wheel by a rope pull automatically. Additionally, the chain size fits several tire dimensions and is easily and quickly adaptable to different wheel dimensions by the user. 

Finally, the patented pewag starwave® profile provides additional grip on snow and ice. The links of the chain are shaped in a special way compared to other conventional snow chains. These wave profiles increase the contact area to the ground and thereby enhance the traction. 

All benefits at a glance:

  • Solution for all passenger cars - especially for vehicles with zero clearance on the wheel inside
  • Easy and comfortable installation and disassembly thanks to patented ratchet system and assembly only from the outside
  • Snow chain adoptable individually for different wheel dimensions
  • Additional grip on snow and ice due to pewag starwave® profile