Fantastic reception for pewag bluetrack

Now the Nordic forest Industry is acquainted with pewag bluetrack

The view is clear. The new traction track for forest machinery from pewag lives up to the company's strong brand and reputation for quality.
The reception has been fantastic, says Hans Nicklasson, sales manager at pewag sweden.

With the new model series, bluetrack perfect, bluetrack duro and bluetrack flow, pewag has stepped into the market for traction tracks. The entrance is received with very positive reactions.

– The consistent comment I met is this one: you are doing the best chains. Is your tracks as good, we know that they are of the highest class, says Hans Nicklasson contented and continues:
– Of course it’s nice that the feedback has been so positive. We have a strong solid reputation since a long period of years. Our brand stands for quality and top products. That confidence is reflected in the praise we received for pewag bluetrack. There is a great interest for pewag and from now on it’s also includes us as a track supplier.



Much of the praise applies to pewag bluestracks ability to be gentle to the soil and at the same time providing optimum grip. Clearly pewag technically have found a perfect balance. With this traction belt the company have taken a major step forward in the effort to protect the environment.

The Nordic introduction of pewag bluetrack took place in early June in connection with two large traditional forestry fairs in Sweden. The reputable manufacturer of traction products – with headquarters in Austria – was showcased at Skogselmia in Jonkoping and Skogsnolia in Umea. The response from the forest contractors, machine manufacturers and other visitors confirms that pewag made the right choice to expand its product offering with an additional segment. Tracks exposed heavy wear in the harsh Nordic terrain. Conditions that affect lifespan. A track that withstand many years of hard use means significant savings in the long term.

Since quality is pewags hallmark the expectations is very high. Resistance over time is primary. But it's not only the track that must hold. The same applies to the forest.

– The requirements of environmental concerns grow and that's good. It is important that soil damage is reduced. Our new forest track is manufactured according to the latest findings and is very gentle to the ground, says Hans Nicklasson.
A good example of pewags willingness to develop new innovative features is the waveform of the bluetracks double stub bars. The profile means that the hardened surface of the stub increasing and that the track becomes more durable as a whole.

Ideas of this kind marks pewags broad experience and future-oriented will.
– We are good today, but could be even better. We feel strong, says Hans Nicklasson.