Celebrating 100 years of pewag snow chains

1912 - 2012

snow chains for 100 years

The brand pewag stands for innovation, quality and service. In 1912, the worldwide first pewag snow chain was manufactured in the chain factory located in Graz after a customer had requested it.

For this family business, the innovative idea to develop steel equipment to assist drivers on slick or difficult terrain started this entirely new product line. Within just a few years, pewag was already manufacturing tire chains – defined by their exceptional anti-skid characteristics and resemblance to a net – on specifically designed bending and calibration machines. Roughly 40 years after the invention of snow chains, they increasingly gained popularity abroad as well. So in the mid-90s, pewag founded its first production site outside Austria in order to meet the rising international demand. Just how important the business branch "snow chains" is, became evident in 2005 when pewag was reorganised into two areas: snow chains and industrial chains.

Ever since then, the joy of innovation has been an essential aspect of the company's mission statement and ensures not only ongoing quality assurance but also continually improved and newly developed pewag products at the highest standards. We secure our leadership in technology with innovative, reliable as well as tried and tested solutions for the most challenging conditions. At the same time, we take future trends into consideration when developing new products. The most recent example of this is the patented and award-winning innovation pewag snox, which makes the mounting of snow chains as simple as putting on a hat. pewag snow chains are not only great for passenger cars and 4x4 vehicles but can also be used on utility vehicles such as busses, lorries, military vehicles, emergency and forestry vehicles as well as forestry machines.