pewag snow chain nominated as test winner

pewag is ranked on 1st and 3rd place at ÖAMTC snow chain test and receives top mark on traction for starting on snow

In winter season snow chains are basic equipment for every vehicle. The biggest mobility club in Austria - the ÖAMTC - tested for that reason snow chains in 9mm and textile traction support and compared the products. The test was made in 3 categories: handling of the traction support, traction in snow and wear resistance. 

The snow chain pewag brenta 9 receives the best overall ranking and stands out as test winner. 'We are proud that our pewag snow chains performed very well and we are test winner. At pewag we have very high quality standards and work on new solutions for our customers constantly. The test refects exactly our efforts', says Rob Bekkers, CEO pewag traction chains.



In the category 'traction' the pewag servomatik received the best ranking and reached in the overall standing the 3rd place. In addition, the chain is the best-performer in the category 'handling' among all other snow chains. 'Our pewag servomatik was developed especially for users who need to mount and demount their snow chains very often. Thus, they need a quick and easy handling', adds Rob Bekkers.


Conventional snow chains outclass textile alternatives

The test results show, that conventional snow chains perform much better than textile alternatives. All tested snow chain models reach a higher overall ranking and achieve better marks in durability and traction. Furthermore, in many countries textile traction support is not allowed in case of snow chain duty. In Austria only metal traction support certified to ÖNORM V5117 - or an equalent product from the EU - is allowed in case of snow chain duty. pewag snow chains fulfill these requirements completely. 


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