May we introduce: Our new Innolab!

Collegial exchange, group meetings and presentations: All these points, which are otherwise deeply anchored in the corporate culture of the pewag group, were cancelled for a while due to the pandemic. For the time after the pandemic, we wanted to create a place where this and much more would be possible again: The idea of the Innolab was born. 

From open-plan office to multimedia pewag group world of experience

With the vision of creating a "room for all occasions", which can be used not only as a creative workplace, but also as a modern meeting room and multimedia presentation lounge, a former open-plan office at the Graz location was redesigned.
But our Innolab should be able to do much more. A studio with green screen, best lighting and highest quality equipment, where photo & video material can be created, was integrated into the room. As a pewag world of experience, the Innolab also serves as a multimedia demonstration and showroom where our products are presented to customers, partners and employees.


Chains as main theme

It should be stylish and multifunctional, unique and perfectly matched to the pewag group. With the support of experts, at the beginning of the planning phase we therefore dealt mainly with the question of what multifunctionality should look like in everyday business life and how the character of the pewag group could best be integrated into the design of the space.
Specially designed furniture made by a carpenter, such as the chain link table in the center of the room, is the result. Modeled after a pewag chain in a standing position, it can be used both as a creative workstation and as a standing table during meetings and presentations. To ensure that Innolab can always be used flexibly, the table consists of a total of three lightweight connecting elements that can be joined together as required.

Another highlight is the large metal shelf in which various pewag products are displayed, a room divider in a chain pattern and an entrance tunnel made of a heavy tire protection chain welded into an arch.
An elaborate and specially manufactured I-beam construction with a trolley on the raw concrete ceiling also makes it possible to present large and heavy chains at any point in the room. 

We are very proud of the result of our project, would like to thank everyone who helped designing and hope that our new Innolab will be used in the future as we would like it to be: as a place for meeting, exchange and creativity.