Already prepared for winter season?

Your reliable companions on snow and ice: pewag bluetrack perfekt as well as pewag forstgrip and forstgrip pro

Days are getting shorter, and nights are getting longer – this signals that winter is coming soon! In snowy and icy conditions forestry professional need strong traction to work safely in the forest. In addition, higher traction leads to more productivity and to better economic success because moving the machine is much easier and work can be done much faster. The time is now to prepare your forestry machine for the winter season with pewag forestry equipment.

For winter conditions pewag recommends the forestry track pewag bluetrack perfekt and the traction chains pewag forstgrip as well as pewag forstgrip pro.

Forestry track: pewag bluetrack perfekt

Developed for steep and rocky terrain – even in snowy and muddy conditions.

  • Optimised grip on steep and rocky terrain
  • Reliable protection against tyre damage
  • Improved traction between track and tyre

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pewag bluetrack perfekt

Forestry chains: pewag forstgrip und pewag forstgrip pro

pewag forstgrip

Developed for soft and muddy terrain - even for snowy conditions.

  • Excellent self-cleaning power
  • Optimised traction thanks to angled stub arrangement
  • Available in 3 strengths – 10.5mm/12.5mm/15.5mm

pewag forstgrip pro

Developed for hard, rocky terrain and icy conditions.

  • Strong grip thanks to forged parts and spikes
  • Excellent tyre protection
  • Optimised grip thanks to angled stub arrangement
  • Available in 3 strengths – 10.5mm/12.5mm/15.5mm

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pewag forstgrip
pewag forstgrip pro

For more security in the forest – pewag forestry products!


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