3 user tips for forestry tracks

How to achieve maximum performance

Our pewag forestry tracks are very robust and a reliable companion in the forest. There are a few tips and tricks on how to significantly increase the performance and durability of the forestry tracks. 

Our recommendations:

1. Use the maximum tire pressure specified by the tire manufacturer 

Otherwise, the forestry tracks could slip off the machine or tire damage could occur. If the tire pressure is too low, the tire sidewall bulges outwards and can be damaged by the track. Therefore, it is essential to use the maximum tire pressure when using forestry tracks to prevent tire side damage. 


2. Constantly check and adjust the tension of the forestry tracks 

Correct tension of the tracks affects their performance. If it is too tight, the tire can slip in the track and the machine has less traction. If the forestry tracks are too loose, they can slide off the tire during work. For this reason: check and adjust the tension regularly! 

3. Observe welding instructions when repairing or retrofitting stubs 

If stubs are retrofitted or re-welded, it is particularly important to follow the pewag welding instructions. If the welding process is carried out incorrectly, the hardness surface of the cross member is impaired, and this can lead to cracks or fractures under extreme conditions. In other words, to achieve maximum performance, weld the stubs correctly according to the welding instructions! 

For more security in the forest – pewag forestry products!


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